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Hey. My names Ariel Renee :)
19 years old. Split my time between CT and RI. I'm straight and in a relationship <3 Happily in love. College Cheerleader. Working two jobs and I go to school full time. Ask me anything :)
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this needs to be on everyones blog


this needs to be on everyones blog


sex is cool but have u ever had garlic bread


My friend just told me the story of when her dad went to a Halloween party dressed as Captain Jack from Pirates of the Caribbean and for some reason the police turned up and when they came upstairs he jumped up onto the window and shouted ‘THIS IS THE DAY THAT YOU ALMOST CAUGHT CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW!’ then he jumped out the window and broke both of his legs.

My cheerteam &lt;3

My cheerteam <3


you know you aren’t cute when no one flirts with you on tumblr 

No one flirts with me :( i must not be cuteee